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Communication and corporate learning

The world has gone through several changes and significant developments in the course of the centuries that made people rethink their ways, manage and control. Globalization has brought people and information together in an immense speed, causing the companies needed to advance technology to keep up. At this rate of progress, it became increasingly present the use of technologies and qualified and well-informed people.

Organizations are made of people and they need to evolve to develop and leverage the expected results!

With the creation of innovative technologies, the Lector develops unique solutions for your business overcome the challenges of communication and existing knowledge in this new market reality

Lector Technology


Located in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, one of the cities featured in the national software development, Lector Technology is a Brazilian company specialized in developing technologies to manage with efficiency, safety and ease the whole process of knowledge management, education , ideas, capital human and documents.

It produces and develops its technology and methodology with its own resources , and thus flexibility to create solutions that meet the needs of each customer regardless of its size or business segment.

International notoriety

Develop and deliver effective solutions are what make the Lector gain notoriety within and outside the country. Such ability to solve problems, earns the admiration and preference of customers from different corners of the world.
For Lector, form healthy and friendly partnerships in pursuit of greater success is as important as developing solutions for its partners. This type of relationship is possible due to meeting deadlines, monitoring, manageability, transparency and mutual respect.
Like any company that aims to the future and seeks constant improvement, Lector is based on three pillars, Operational Excellence, Product Leadership and Customer Intimacy.


The difference is the Human Being

It is known that when all have the same technology, who makes the difference is the human being. And the differential Lector is not only in their thinking, or their relationship with the client, but also in their professional whose competence, skill, and determination to always do the best for the company and its partners is evident.

Professionals as well as Lector, cherish respect, ethics, transparency and sincerity above all. Professionals improve their knowledge daily in search of some goals: different, simple and efficient solutions, success, recognition, and mutual satisfaction. Finally, professionals who think, design, develop and perform for your company deserves to be in place: always ahead.

The Lector Technology believes that: You have to learn to communicate. to think about evolving.

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